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M E N  O F  S T Y L E - Simon Rasmussen. Stylist & Editor in Chief of Fat Man Magazine, NY.

Everyone meet Simon. This dude is one busy man - being the Editor In Chief at Fat Man Magazine (which we love) and also being an established stylist. What we love is Simon’s sport/street luxe style approach. He is always dressed on point- and he’s just downright cool. Have a read and peep his stuff.

First off, some background on where you started, where you are and where you see yourself going? 

I started working as an assistant and slowly started to do my own stuff and 10 years later I lived in NY - since 2011 - and last year I started Fat Man magazine in collaboration with Dyhr.Hagen that already does Fat magazine.

How would you describe your look/style? 

I like to change my style now and then but I do have a love for suburban style - style that is often considered to be wrong in a fashion context. I come from playing basket, football and being a rootless kind of type so still bringing that into my style, also.

What would you say are your biggest influencers in terms of your style, whether it be a person, a place, a movement etc?

Not sure there is anything in specific.. it’s the time we live in that influences me. What surrounds me at a given moment..

What are you go-to clothing stores, favourite places to shop?

Don’t have a favorite shop… but I do like shopping vintage, both high end curated places and also the local salvation army” thrift shop!

Brands that you love?

Comme des Garcons, Prada, Nike, Adidas, Thom Browne, Rolex, Raf Simons, Astrid Andersen, Maison Martin Margiela…

What are the ‘key’ fashion pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

My Rolex

Who do you see as a ‘stylish’ dude, what is the appeal?

Stylish dudes are typical old men or just guys with a certain specific style - they might be retired or they work as a mechanics, chefs, contractor.. nothing specific just random guys I see on the streets around the world.

You can check out more of Simon’s work at www.simonrasmussen.com and follow him at twitter @simon7rasmussen, instagram @simonrasmussen and fat man magazine @fatmanmagazine

Many thanks to Fat Man Magazine for the Images. Full editorial featured in www.fat-magazine.com/fat-man

Full credit list: Photographer Paul Wetherell, M.A.P Editor Simon Rasmussen, BRIDGE Artists Photographer Assistant Ithai Schori Stylist Assistant Kevin Hunter Production Cat Lewis Digital Technician Eran Wilkenfeld Boxer puppu Purple


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I work in retail. Today a completely stranger, totally wet from rain carrying a massive lugage came in to get directions and I could simply have said I didn´t know about it. But I went to google maps to help this lost guy. And gave him my contact in case he get in troubles or lost. This made my day. 

Would be good to have that secret special male friend to spend time with, during our lunch times in small cafés our those late long walks at the London parks..